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cave tubing belize

Cave Tubing Tour!!

Come and experience the greatest in cave adventures and one of the most popular tourism activities in Belize. The caves are just 1  hour from Belize City. As you meet me at the docks, just outside of Terminal One exiting the Fort Street Tourism Village, you will board an air conditioned van which will be taking you on a guided tour of the north side of Belize City. Listen to your knowledgeable bus guide as he points out important historical landmarks, along with colonial and Victorian architecture dating back to the early 1900's.

You will travel the Western Highway en route to the Caves Branch Archaeological Site where you will be cave tubing. During you trip, your guide will be explaining historical and geographical facts about Belize, and also how the ancient Maya civilization used the cave for rituals and ceremonies.

When we reach the site, we will take a short walk through the jungle that will bring us to the cave system. Along the way you will learn about the traditional medicinal plants and herbal remedies that the ancient Mayan civilization used for thousands of years. This little jungle trek will take about 30 minutes.

We now reach the Caves Branch River and float in our tubes through the caves seeing magnificent rock formations. This portion of the tour will take about 45 minutes.

Exiting the cave we float down the river through the jungle another 25 minutes to the point where we started our journey.

Indeed this is the best and safest adventure you will ever experience. This trip is good for all different ages and fitness levels.

Cave Tubing Special Price- ONLY $50.00 US

OVERNIGHT guests price is: $60.00 USD

Prices are subject to change at any time.
Add $6.00 to include lunch
Tour duration: Approx. 4.5 hours

Combine cave tubing with Zip Line for only $95.00 USD

Our Special is US $85.00 per person for cruise ship passengers only - for groups of 4 pax and up. Overnight tourists pay $115.00

For every 10 pax in your group - 1 FREE PASS!!! (cave tubing only)


During the months from July to November of every year Belize experiences the rainy season. For the most part it is dry and sunny but there are sudden rain storms that come along every so often. Because of the unpredictable nature of the rains, it is difficult to give warning when the rivers will be flooding their banks. The rains cause the rivers to rise and hence the government closes the cave tubing park. Once the park is closed this means that we cannot do the cave tubing tour, but there are alternative tours.

The rains may occur two days prior to your arrival and may cause the government agency in charge of the park to close it on the same morning of the booked tour. DO NOT worry, you are on vacation and you are here to have a great time with "Cave Tubing Is Fun!!"

More Information on the Caves Branch River

From the Mountain Pine Ridge, the Caves Branch River descends into the valleys of the Sibun Hills and joins the Sibun River. On its course, it passes through green forests that hide white cliffs under a blue sky.

Rugged describes the hills from the head waters of the Caves Branch between Cooma Cairn and Baldy Sibun to its link with the Sibun River. The catchment basin is only 88 square km, but a substantial river pours out of its bowl. All along its course, the limestone of the hills and valleys pirates the surface water to form underground streams that feed the Caves Branch. The Caves Branch itself flows for only 10 km before it also is swallowed by the limestone hills through which it has forced a channel to meet the Sibun. Where the river flows on the surface, there are cut banks as much as 10 meters deep into the limestone and is protected from further piracy from the limestone below by accumulating cobble, gravel and shale that has cemented into a non-porous bed. The valley which the Caves Branch has carved is only 2 km wide and the steep sided hills which are more like cliffs average 30 meters in height. Erosion has isolated the hills from each other and cut them into many shapes and sizes so to climb one hill, one must descend into the next valley to ascend the next. Geologists call this limestone terrain cockpit karst. The most effective way to hike the terrain is to travel through the narrow and winding valleys between these hills. The hilltops are nearly bare rock and are deeply fissured. The plants which grab foothold on the tops are succulents since the rainfall runs off the hilltops or percolates into the fissures. The slopes of these hills are really short cliffs, one set on top of another all the way t the top. Trees on the way up manage a precarious toe-hold and are easily buffeted down during high winds. During heavy rains, hundreds of small streams, some lasting a mere four hours, flow down the hillsides and into the valleys below. Water, which percolates into these hills form more enduring underground streams and over the millennia, they have dissolved thousands of caves into the landscape.

Since the 17th century when Europeans arrived to log the forests, the caves have been used as shelter from the rain and cold by the loggers, chicleros, and hunters who followed. These days rural Belizeans may picnic in the mouths of these caves and more unscrupulous visitors hunt pre-Columbian artifacts the Mayas left behind, The Mayas were the first to venture into the caves. The most reknown in the area is the Petroglyph Cave wit its hieroglyphic texts on the walls. Possibly all of these caves contain pottery, shards of pottery, and even burial grounds. The Mayas had a special reverence for the caves since their entrances were considered to be the entrances to Xibalba, there Underworld. According to their creation stories, several deities inhabit these caves.

Explore Belize Caves is featured on Trip Advisor as an Attraction in Belize City.

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