CaveTubing is one of the most unique and exciting adventures offered in Belize, and for those who have never experienced it, now is the time to try it out!

Explore Belize Caves makes your cave tubing experience one to remember, taking you through two large caves, trekking through the Mayan Jungle, and offering fantastic one-on-one interaction with your knowledgeable tour guide.

Cave tubing belize

With Explore Belize Caves, you can be sure you won't be herded from one place to the next with a large tour group. You'll be in a small group headed by a friendly tour guide who can't wait to help you experience everything!

Your trip will be enjoyable from the start, when you meet our guide just outside of terminal one at the cruise port. From there, you'll be taken to the caves in a comfortable air-conditioned van, learning fun facts about Belize on the way!

Your tour guide will be with you from the time you leave the port until you return, and will help to make the excursion a memorable one.


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Don't leave home without:
- 'T' shirts
- shorts
- bathing suit or trunks
- water shoes
- light rain jackets
- suntan lotion
- insect repellent
- camera with lots of film and battery
- a hat
- medication (if needed)
- sun glasses
- water shoes
cave tubing belize

Other Tours !

Zipline Jungle Canopy Excursion and Cave Tubing

Soar through the jungle, experiencing a thrilling ride and amazing views on our Zipline Jungle Canopy Excursion!

You'll be taken to a platform high above the forest floor, after being equipped with a body harness and all necessary safety equipment. From there, you will fly across the jungle canopy from platform to platform, escorted by two knowledgable guides to ensure your safety and make your experience one you will never forget!. You will go on six different ziplines plus one rapel line back down, a total of eight platforms. The highest line runs 85 feet in the air and the lowest is 35 feet. The longest line is 300 feet.

ExploreBelizeCaves offers a combination Cave Tubing/Zip Line tour for US $95.00 per person. It's a great way to experience Belize, and still be back to the port in plenty of time to catch the tender back to your ship.

Zip Line Tour only: $70.00 per person

Zip Line/Cave Tubing Combo Tour: $95.00 US per person & US$85.00 per person 4 pax and up.

Tour Duration : 5-1/2 Hours

This price is for cruise ship passengers only. Overnight guests pay $115.00 USD

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Altun Ha

belize archeological tours altunhaCome and experience the presence of the mysterious Mayan civilization whose glory goes way back in the pages of history. They were a very advanced civilization during their height. Just 31 miles from Belize City, the ancient city of Altun Ha is said to have been one of the most important ceremonial centers in the Mayan world. This is mainly because Kinich Ahau, the Mayan sun god and the largest carved jade artifact in the Mayan world, was discovered there. You will be amazed by the huge Mayan temples constructed 1000 years BC. Walk on the foot steps of the ancient Mayans on the plazas used for meetings, rituals and ceremonies.

More Information about Altun Ha.....

$45.00 US per person This price is for cruise ship passengers only

Overnight guests pay $55.00 USD
Duration of the tour: 4 Hours

Cave Tubing & AltunHa: US $95.00 per peson

Tour Duration: 6.5 hours

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The Belize Zoo

belize zoo tourCome and experience the Greatest Little Zoo in the World. The Zoo was established in the mid 1970s by an American Environmentalist who came to document data on the mammals of Belize. When the documentation was finished she ended up with some semi-tamed animals. She didn't know what to do with them. So she established the very first zoo in Belize.

Today it is considered one of the most important zoos in the region because all of the animals are indigenous to Belize and are kept in their natural habitat. You will also be seeing a jaguar who performs. The first part of the tour will be in an air conditioned van which will be taking you on a guided tour of the north side of Belize City. Listen to your knowledgeable bus guide as he points out important historical landmarks, along with colonial and Victorian architecture dating back to the early 1900?s. Come and learn about the animals of Belize, where the first and only jaguar reserve in the world is located.

$65.00 US per person This price is for cruise ship passengers only

Overnight guests pay $70.00 USD
Duration of the Tour: 4.5 hours

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Explore Belize Caves is featured on Trip Advisor as an Attraction in Belize City.


altunha belizeAltunHaWe also offer:
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Belize Zoo

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cave tubing belize

More information about Altun Ha

Altun Ha is a comparatively small, but surprisingly rich, minor ceremonial center of Clasic Maya Civilization. Located 10 km from the Caribbean sea and 30 miles north of Belize City, in an area once thought to be peripheral to the Maya civilization, Altun Ha was an important link in the coastal trading routes between the southern lowlands (Guatemala, Honduras & Belize) and the Yucatan and Mexico. The extensive excavation carried out at Altun Ha by the Royal Ontario Museum?s British Honduras Expedition from 1964-1970, headed by Dr. David Pendergast, have demonstrated the significance of this region of the ancient Maya world.As with most Maya sites, the true ancient name of the city is unknown. The name Altun Ha, literally ?rockstone water?, is a rough translation into Maya of the name of the nearby modern village of Rockstone Pond.The site encompasses an area of approximately 2.5 square km. (approx. one square mile), and includes at least 500 visible structures or mounds. At its peak, the population of Altun Ha and the surrounding vicinity may have been 8,000-10,000 inhabitants, with perhaps 3,000 individuals living in the central square mile of the site.The earliest evidence of the settlement at Altun Ha dates to 200 B.C., although it is likely that nomadic hunting-and-gathering people lived in the area long before then. The earliest permanent buildings were erected in an area west of the central precinct, now accessible to visitors. The earliest construction in the central precinct may date to the time of Jesus Christ. The first major construction in A.D. 100, in the form of a temple near the principal reservoir, but by the beginning of the Classic Period (A.D. 250) the focus had shifted to the area, which the visitor sees today. This was to be the central core of the site for some six centuries. The northern plaza was the primary ceremonial precinct until close to the end of the Early Classic, about A.D. 550, when construction was begun on the second plaza.The basic form of the ceremonial buildings consists of a solid pyramidal structure, atop which an altar, chambered building of masonry, or the perishable wood and thatch was placed. Each of the ceremonial structures which the visitor sees today represents not one but several buildings. The Maya periodically rebuilt their temples covering the earlier structures completely and building on top of it, or modifying it in some other major way. The temples thus grew is size through successive additions over the centuries. The modern reconstructions of these pyramids represent a composite of different construction phases, a combination that would never be visible in ancient times.Construction at Altun Ha continued until about A.D. 900, though a decline in the quality of new building was evident 150 years earlier. As at other classic Maya sites, the society appears to have been severely disrupted early in the tenth century A.D. Although no single factor explains the collapse of Maya civilization, there is some evidence that a violent peasant revolt may have contributed to the downfall of the Maya at Altun Ha.

The center was not completely abandoned after the collapse, but appears to be occupied for about 100 years after construction activity had ceased, and reoccupied 200 years later during the 13th and 14th centuries.

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